At the cusp of hitting the big three-oh (or close to it at any rate), one starts to ponder and look back upon their life, both personally and more importantly for me, professionally. On retrospect, I’ve had a good run. In the past few years, I’ve worked in and with a number of companies, all of which were related to the media and communications industry. As a kid, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. As an adult, I never really dared to take the plunge. Correction – I wrote, but I never put my name to pieces. I was just another nameless, faceless contributor to corporate and marketing collaterals and reports.

Just as well I didn’t turn out to be a journalist perhaps, since traditional media appears to be on the decline. Most days, my Facebook feed updates me on breaking news well before the traditional media institutions do. In the recent 2011 Singapore General Elections, I was glued to my Twitter and Facebook feeds which were circulating rumours on the results well before the local news broke the news. Guess what? The rumours were all true. The might and money of the traditional news institution simply was no match for the on-the-ground citizen blogger with the inside scoop. Thousands of mini stories from thousands of individuals weaved the entire tapestry of the train of events. It wasn’t the fault of the TV or the newspapers – it was just the rise of a new age of social networking, where everything is increasingly accelerating, including one’s hunger for news. We want it, and we want it NOW.

But I digress.

My life story could have turned out differently. I completed a wonderful internship at one of the best companies I have had the pleasure to work with. “Come talk to me after your graduation”, my ex boss said. I was thrilled. Soon after, the company let go hundreds of staff. My dream job was dust in the wind. I was crushed.

Thus begins the story of my professional career, where I’ve been knocking around and trying to gain as much general experience as I could in the world of media & communications. The goal was to continue on this path until I was slightly older and then it would be time for me to specialise. Well, that time came sooner than I expected. It was an inevitable conclusion. Whether as a public relations, corporate communications or marketing communications professional, my future would lie in mastering the emerging technologies of the time. The tools that could make or break a brand or a corporation. Once that realisation hit me, I was off on a plane to London to pursue a Masters degree in Digital Marketing.

Which brings me to this blog. One of the first assignments we received was to generate a buzz about a cause. Well this was tough. I thought about the causes I could champion and dismissed them one by one, either for lack of passion or knowledge. There were causes I held dear to my heart. Yet, I knew it was not the time to pursue these, at least not until I had firmly established a highly successful career. What then?

The answer was obvious. The best buzz to generate, the best brand to build, was of course my very own. Hence, the birth of this blog, where I hope to share thoughts and opinions on the latest in digital marketing as my very own social media experiment on myself. After all, as is often said, how can one call oneself a social marketer unless one builds an online presence?


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