Well thus far, my personal branding campaign via social media seems to be working. In the past three weeks since I have set up my Twitter account, my followers have grown from a big fat zero to 69. (I’m following 175 accounts by the way, for some context.) The more I tweet, and the more conversations I get into, the more Twitter works for me. The couple of hours that I spend on Twitter, are well spent – I learn so much from reading just a few articles about marketing and branding and I wonder, where have I been all of Twitter’s life? I have a sad Klout score of 23 points, which I sincerely hope to grow in the coming months.

Since my headhunting days, I have been pretty active on LinkedIn. It is a platform I really like using, and definitely feel I haven’t been utilising efficiently. I’ve had cold calls asking me to consider job positions in the past via LinkedIn although none worked out. Recently, after connecting to a guest speaker in class, I was offered the opportunity to write for a recruitment company on all things digital marketing. Bam! What an opportunity. But how was I to juggle my other extracurricular commitments, project work, assignments and language classes? I took a couple of days to ponder about it, but I knew what my answer was even before I replied to that message. I was on board. 100%.

Now, faced with the challenge of coming up with my first really public blog post, I am happily procrastinating by yammering here (pun totally intended). Should I write about privacy and anonymity on the internet? Perhaps a little on e-mail marketing (a topic covered by another guest speaker in class)? How about the use of Twitter in class and other conferences? The possible list goes on and so while my subconscious mind works on the kind of topics I could pursue, I check my e-mail and Twitter feeds and find… a new follower.

I have to say, I originally thought he was my new boss of sorts since they share the same name, but no – he was a social media strategist based in Singapore. Am always excited and happy when a marketer in Singapore connects to me, because I feel there is so much I have yet to learn about the digital marketing scene there, and I wish I could get out and meet people there to talk about the industry. Sadly, I am thwarted by geography, but happily, I have social media. Anyway, as I was clicking on his public profile, I came across his visual resume on slide share.

Three words.

I loved it.

It was clear, concise, simple to create and left a lasting impression. Needless to say, I’ll now be working on a new project this academic year: My own visual resume. As they always say: “imitation is the highest form of flattery”. Or something like that.


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