I’ve been neglecting this blog, because of a not-so-recent move to San Francisco and a shiny not-so-new job in a tech company as a digital marketer, where I manage the blog, and other digital marketing initiatives. If you’re interested in checking out my weekly posts on email marketing, you can read them here. Other stand alone posts may be featured on Musings From A Meta Mind.

Now on to more interesting stuff…

I recently purchased a Kobo ereader after a great deal of searching (don’t get me started on Kobo’s product marketing strategy), and have been spending a great deal of time in their online store looking for good deals.

One day an email landed in my inbox that led me on a major online shopping spree, which led me to write a post on how impressed I was with their email marketing strategy. There’s a lot to learn here for companies that count on email marketing to bring in the money so rather than land in SEO hell, I’m linking to my original blog post on 10 Key Takeaways from Kobo’s Email Marketing Strategy.

While there’s room for improvement in terms of Kobo’s book recommendations and other apparently automated email marketing triggers, this particular campaign definitely worked in getting me to part with my hard earned dollars – at least on this bookworm and online shopper.


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