The SES Conference Series

Are you familiar with the term “retargeting”? How about “remarketing”? Do the acronyms RTB, DSP and SSP strike a bell? What about “programmatic buying”?

If your first exposure to these terms are in an interview, it can be quite the nightmare. Don’t wait until that happens – whether or not you work in search, social or some other area of digital, it’s always good to be aware of what’s going on in the world of PPC.

The RTB Opportunity for Online Marketers at SESSF was a great intro for the uninitiated and was helmed by speakers, David Scacco from Quantcast and Eran Metzer from Yahoo! We were introduced to a free tool by Quantcast that measures audience demographics and some interesting stats. Here’s a quick summary of the session.

The RTB Opportunity for Online Marketers: Truths & Myths for Performance Targeting

Display ads increase clicks from search and conversion by 5-20%. They drive 48% lower CPA versus search alone. The optimal budget allocation is 65% for search and 35% for display.

In the past, marketers used to buy sites and pages. Now, they buy individual users. DSP is a tool that allows you to buy according to demographics. You can also retarget people who have been to your site. When using DSP check to see what their underlying technology is and where their sources come from.

Predictive targeting allows you to find folks that haven’t been to your site, but are your exact target audience.

Last touch attribution is widely considered inadequate as it confuses correlation with causation.

Search marketers are now performance marketers.

20-25% of digital display in western Europe & US will be bought by 2015. RTB is still CPM based and not PPC bidding.

Many other great points were raised in the session and these are just snippets of what was discussed then.

Just today, eConsultancy released an article on their Online Advertising Report 2013 where respondents were surveyed on the benefits of real-time bidding. A summary of the results are seen below.Advantage of Real Time Bidding

If you’d like a more detailed read about RTB, check out this Google white paper. Alternatively, you can just refer to this great infographic which provides an overview of the RTB ecosystem!

Real Time Bidding Infographic


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