Earlier this year I had the fortune of attending Interact 2013, an industry conference with a focus on email marketing, as it relates to other forms of communication channels. Since the crème de la crème of the email marketing world attended, I was able to hear from top experts in the industry about email frequency, mobile messaging, email security and other hot button topics in the world of email. I’ve blogged about all the sessions I attended at Message Exchange where I am a regular contributor on all things email marketing. It’s taken a while to compile the list, but finally I’m able to share the completed series of articles about Interact 2013 that I have unofficially dubbed the Email Marketing Compendium… enjoy!

Big Data is All About Manageability – Dan Bolland, Global Head of Retail Analytics, Barclays [Tweet this!]

Driving Customer Engagement & Action Through Relevant Emails – Matthew Vernhout, Manager of Deliverability, Inbox Marketer [Tweet this!]

In the History of Spam, Every Action Causes a ReactionAutumn Tyr-Salvia, Email Strategy & Compliance Analyst, Marketo [Tweet this!]

Multi-Channel is Here to Stay and Mobile is a Key ComponentStacy Adams, VP, mBlox [Tweet this!]

6 Issues Keeping Email Marketers Up At Night – Greg Kraios, CEO, 250ok and Matthew Vernhout, Manager of Deliverability, Inbox Marketer [Tweet this!]

Tips for Data Loss Prevention – Cybersecurity Planning for the Inevitable – Craig Spiezle, President, Online Trust Alliance [Tweet this!]

ReturnPath, mBlox and Liveclicker on “The Next Big Thing” – Kent Ragen, VP, ReturnPath, Stacy Adams, VP, mBlox and Justin Foster, Co-Founder, Liveclicker [Tweet this!]

Defended by DMARC – Email Authentication for Online Brand Protection, Sam Masiello, Head of Application Security, Groupon [Tweet this!]

The Open Rate Paradox: Why Higher Open Rates Equal Lower Revenue – Dela Quist, CEO, Alchemy Worx [Tweet this!]

Extend the Lifespan of Your Content Through Earned, Owned & Paid MediaChristopher Penn, VP of SHIFT Communications [Tweet this!]

Delivering the Right Message at the Right Time to the Right People – The Agora Story – Daryl Berver, VP & Getty Sarno, VP, Agora [Tweet this!]

Extending Customer Lifetime Value Through Smarter Email Marketing – Ryan Phelan, VP, Acxiom [Tweet this!]

If you enjoyed The Email Marketing Compendium series, think about checking out Interact 2014 – it’s definitely the event where the top email marketers converge to network and share their insights!


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