Over the last few weeks I’ve been seeing a change in the way my search results are being displayed. Initially, I thought I had my screen zoomed in or the page wasn’t loading properly, but hey, if repeated page refreshes reveal the same changed interface, then Google probably is rolling out a new search interface. Some of the changes I’ve seen include:

  • Larger font
  • More wide & white space
  • Entire Google ads are no longer highlighted in yellow

New Google ads display

What does all this mean for the digital marketer?

First of all, the move towards a larger font and more white space increases page readability. That pretty much goes without saying right? It also makes it imperative to ensure that a search on your brand turns up your website as well as your 6 associated brand site links, since that’s now taking up most of your screen.

The more significant change is that entire Google ads on the top of the screen are no longer highlighted in yellow. Paid ads are now indicated by a tiny yellow tag saying “Ad” instead. I daresay paid search marketers will see the clickthrough rate on their ads improve with this move, which makes paid content less easily distinguishable from organic search results. Generally, I ignore paid ads unless I am looking to purchase something. This change, however, has me clicking more often on paid ads because it has in a way blended with organic search results if you’re just scanning very quickly.

Great news for PPC folks looking to drive traffic? Or not, as unintentionally clicking on a paid ad could lead to higher bounce rates for campaigns. We’ll see…

And since we’re talking about Google, the Google Analytics Platform Principles course is now out. Those of you who are looking to update their knowledge on the constantly changing features in Google Analytics might find it incredibly useful to go through the courses and learn a thing… or ten! I know I will!


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